Walnut Gardens – No Soliciting Policy

Over the years, numerous people have inquired about the No Soliciting sign at the front entry. Walnut Gardens is a no soliciting neighborhood. This means no one, NO ONE, can knock on your door trying to sell you magazines, home repairs, landscaping, mowing, etc. NO ONE can put literature on your mailbox, doors or in your driveway. There are NO exceptions.

A popular excuse I hear is that the solicitor was invited into the neighborhood by a fellow homeowner. This is a LIE. If someone is doing work on your property, they ARE NOT allowed to go around the neighborhood soliciting more work. The HOA will never grant permission for anyone trying to go door to door.

By having the sign posted at the front, this lets everyone know that we don’t allow solicitors and it aids in the prosecution of the offender. It’s a Class C Misdemeanor.

If you encounter a solicitor, you can politely tell them to leave the neighborhood. Likewise, you have every right to call the police and report this activity (901) 545-COPS.

Any questions or concerns, feel free to email us – WalnutGardensCordova@gmail.com.