Petition – speed bumps

For those of you who may not be aware, allow me a couple minutes of your time to explain what has been and has to be done to get speed bumps in our neighborhood.

At our last neighborhood meeting, a presentation was given on speed bumps and subsequently we passed a resolution to install speed bumps. The speed bumps were going to privately funded by the HOA for a couple of reasons, 1) we have the reserve funds to do this and 2) the process to get the city to do this was long and arduous (upwards of 2 years).

Immediately after the vote, we contacted the city, had the vendor ready to proceed and then we had a monkey wrench thrown into the mix. The city set forth criteria that we as an HOA had to go thru, even though this was a privately funded project.

The first step the city required is a petition signed by the neighborhood. 75% of the homeowners had to approve the speed bump initiative. This meant we needed 116 "yes" votes to proceed with the next step (which I will explain at another date). We had volunteers going door to door collecting the signatures. Some volunteers didn’t do what they volunteered for, other volunteers worked hard, but no one was able to collect all the signatures for their particular street. Currently, we have roughly 60 "yes" votes and only 5 "no" votes. If you have not had a chance to sign the petition, please send us an email at WalnutGardensCordova. We can arrange to meet you at your home to get your signature.

It’s important to note that without this first step – the petition signing, the notion of having speed bumps installed inside Walnut Gardens is completely dead and a moot point to discuss. Talk with your friends and neighbors. If they haven’t signed it, please have them contact us today.