Neighborhood Updates

Now that the website is live, you have endless ways to stay connected with the daily activities of the neighborhood. If you haven’t become a member of our Facebook page, I highly recommend it. It’s quite interactive, enlightening and sometimes comedic. On FB, search WalnutGardensCordova, or click the Facebook link at the top of this page. Once there, click JOIN. We will be notified and accept your request. It’s a closed group, meaning only homeowners can join.

There are numerous tabs at the top of the page and useless links throughout. Have a project that you need to get HOA approval on? You can submit the architectural design for, directly from this site. No printer is needed. Just fill in the form and click send. Curious about the HOA rules and what you can and can’t do? There is an HOA Covenants tab that opens up to reveal our CCR’s (covenants conditions and restrictions). You are bound by these rules. No one is exempt. You agreed to it when you bought your house.

You can email us directly from the site, or you can remember the simple email address –

There are some very good links and phone numbers under the Useful Links tab.

Under the Board tab, it lists all the contact information for the 2015 HOA board members. Feel free to contact us with any concern you may have.

Curious what has your board done for you this year? If you haven’t been following, here is a small sampling of how busy it’s been for us —

a) successfully had the turn lane into subdivision widened, lanes repositioned and re-striped b) completely overhauled landscaping and lighting at front entry c) purchased and installed new security cameras at the front entry d) created a Walnut Gardens brand – logo
e) installed new flags at entry
f) created a yard of the month program
g) installed the neighborhood library book box
h) organized a community community clean up weekend
I) installed new custom stop signs throughout neighborhood
j) produced and delivered to neighborhood newsletters
k) installed new signage at the front entry
l) had an official neighborhood watch meeting with over 50 in attendance
m) created social media connecting opportunities thru Facebook, Email and Website n) currently working on the speed bump petition for the neighborhood

And much much more….

Where do we go from here? We have one big event that we are gearing up for and this is our Fall Festival. It falls on Halloween – Saturday, October 31st. It runs 11:00am-2:00pm and will be held on Roundabout Lane. There will be games, food, music, rides and much more. We need volunteers to assist in making this happen. If you can help out, please send us an email ASAP.